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STC 11F02E Master Chip
DC 5.5*2.1 Power Port
3.5 MM USB Power cable
Plug-in USB Charger
4 Digit 0.56 Inches RED LED Module
STC 11F02E Master Chip
Military-grade FR-4 PCB of 1.2 MM Thickness
3 Red LED displays 2 digits each
Resistors and Power cables needed to assemble it
AT89C2051 Master Chip
Military Grade FR-4 PCB Board
150 mm power supply
Three 2-Digit LED screens
Resistors and other wires for connections
USB Power cable
4 Digit LED Module with Blue, Red, White or Green
Transparent case for clock storage
Master chip clock set
1 User manual
AT89C2051 Master chipset
User manual
Military-grade 1.2 mm thick FR-4 PCB
0.56 inches large red LED Display
Wires and connectors
0.8 Inches 4 digit LED screen
CR1220 Button based power supply
1.06 inches IC Board
PCB board
Connection wires and resistors etc.,
User manual
W79E2051 Microcontroller chipset
0.56 inches 4 Digit LED Screen
1.2 mm thick FR -4 fibreglass board PCB
USB Cable
Button battery holder
Resistors and other building components
User manual
Large, Medium and small displays
Additional labelled screen for covering the case
A covering back case
Detailed PCB
Connecting components
A punch hole charger
User manual