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STEM educational robot car kit
Has a detailed tutorial CD
24 Modules for easy assembly
Intelligent obstacle avoidance
Line tracking
Elegoo BLE Tool Mobile App
Rechargeable Battery
1 Year warranty
An advanced Arduino model
Block-based building
3 in one model
Uses the Me Auriga Board that is compatible with the Arduino Mega 2560
STEM learning robot kit
360 degrees animated building instruction
387 snap together pieces
The app allows for easier learning to code and play
Award-winning design
Sensors and a Bluetooth speaker embedded too
The PRP function is truly revolutionary
Highly affordable and easy to build a DIY Robot kit
High-Quality UNO R4 Arduino board
Beginner-friendly yet pro built
Detailed tutorial included in it
Can imitate drive, automatic drive and much more.
Can detect and avoid obstacles, line track and object motion follow as well.
IR Control remote also available
Can also be controlled using the WiFi and a smartphone
Two 9 volt rechargeable batteries included
Easy to build STEM Learning ROBOT kit
Highly reviewed and rated
Can auto-follow, sing, dance and through the speaker, also mimic singing and avoid obstacles as well
Can also be controlled using the Bluetooth App as well
Comes with 6 extra delicate design face covers for added personalization
The tutorial CD teaches coding at a basic level extensively
Includes extra parts and a magnetic screwdriver as well
Highly precise movement and high quality budget friendly robotic arm
Can move about in 5 axis breadth
Has a detailed tutorial for design and using it.
Can perform various operations from.simple holding to moving and also be programmed for complex actions as well.
Can be controlled using the mobile app (both Android and iPS) or the PC software.
A unique model that walks on 4 legs (quadrapod) rather than moving on wheels
Easy to build and code using the step by step tutorials
Can be controlled using a computer, a mobile app or a wireless remote
The remote comes in the package and is part of the DIY process
Package comes with magnetic screwdrivers and spanners for fixing and building it
Can be reprogrammed and repurposed as well