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Crowdsupply众筹网站上发布的产品 -?开源硬件
Crowdsupply上众筹的产品 - 开源硬件
Crowsupply是位于美国俄勒冈州Portlan市的一家专注于im电竞体育 官方网站创意产品的众筹网站

Features & Specifications + CPU: Tensilica L106 32-bit processor (ESP8266) + Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n + Gas sensor support: MQ-135 for air quality or any other 5 V MQ analog gas sensor + Peripherals: Mini OLED display, UART pins for flashing custom firmware, button, three slots for I?C sensors + Compatibility: Arduino IDE, PlatformIO, Home Assistant, OpenHAB, ThingSpeak, MQTT, and any modern web browser + Certification: Open Source Hardware Association (OSHWA) BG000018 + Dimensions: 75 mm x 40 mm


Features & Specifications + Oscilloscope + Channels: Two + Analog bandwidth (-3 dB): 100 MHz + Real-time sampling rate: 250 MSPS dual channel / 500 MSPS single channel + Equivalent time sampling (ETS): 2.0 GSPS + Resolution: 10 bits + Min. sensitivity: 0.098 mV + Voltage ranges (with 1× probe): 10 mV to 2 V per division + Memory depth: 128 million samples per channel + Arbitrary Waveform Generator + Channels: Two + Update rate: 200 MSPS + Output amplifier bandwidth: 30 MHz + Output impedance 50 Ohm + Resolution: 12 bits + Max. output voltage: +/- 2 V + Custom waveform length: 32,768 samples per channel + Spectrum Analyzer + Channels: Two + Frequency range: DC to 125 MHz + Logic Analyzer + Channels: 12* + Maximum toggle rate: 125 MHz + Maximum sampling rate: 250 MSPS + Memory depth: 128 million samples per channel + Digital Pattern Generator + Channels: 12* + Maximum toggle rate: 125 MHz + Maximum update rate: 250 MSPS + Custom waveform length: 32,768 samples per channel + Primary Components + FPGA: Xilinx Artix-7 XC7A35T + Memory: 512 MB DDR3 SDRAM + Connectivity: Cypress FX3 USB 3.0 + Software + Multi-platform: Windows, Linux, and Mac + Server mode: remotely connect to the ScopeFun over an IP network + Python API: read samples and control the ScopeFun directly from Python + Advanced signal rendering: 3D frame history and virtual persistence

概述:由硬币电池和Arduino IDE驱动的远程LoRa?墙壁开关

Features & Specifications + IDE Control: Fully compatible with the Arduino IDE + Enumerates as an Arduino Pro Mini @ 8 MHz + Compatible with all RFM 69 \ 95 compatible open source libraries available + Radio Transceivers: Three transceiver options are available + HopeRF RFM95 LoRa? 433/868/915 MHz (long-range version) + HopeRF RFM69-HCW 433/868/915 MHz (mid-range version) + HopeRF RFM69-CW 433/868/915 MHz (low power consumption version) + Security: On-board Atmel/Microchip ATSHA204A crypto-authentication chip + Provides secured handshakes + Antennas: Tuned PCB antenna options that are soldered to the main board + 915 MHz - United States, Canada, Australia + 868 MHz - Europe + 433 MHz - Europe + Interface: Long-run soft-touch buttons similar to high-quality home switches + Each button has a built-in LED for message delivery confirmation + Power: Utilizes two CR2032 coin cell batteries + On-board coin cell holders + Reverse polarity protection + High-efficiency power converter + Batteries can last as long as two years with daily use + Mounting: Two options are provided for mounting + Pre-applied adhesive tape on the back + Screws through holes in the back plate + Open Source Hardware: For all your hacking desires

概述:具有每端口电源和数据的USB集线器断开+开发板+ I2C,GPIO和SPI桥接

Features and Specifications + USB2 High-Speed Hub + 4x USB2 High Speed (480 mbps) downstream ports + 1x USB2 High Speed (480 mbps) upstream port + 5th endpoint on USB hub exposes I2C, SPI, UART, and 2x GPIO + Data lines to each USB port can be disconnected via software commands. This allows errant USB devices to be “unplugged” virtually and re-enumerated. + USB digital signals can be boosted to help drive long cables. + Power Monitoring & Control + 5 V power on each downstream port can be individually turned on and off + Monitor the power consumed by each port at up to 200 Hz at a resolution of 13 mA + Adjustable (per-port) current limits between 0.5 A and 2.6 A + Onboard regulator supports 12 V to 24 V power input and generates 6 A of 5 V power for downstream USB devices; both voltages can be monitored by the internal MCU. No power is drawn from the upstream USB port. + Input power is protected from over-voltage events and reverse-polarity connection. + Physical IO + mikroBUS header to add additional sensors and connectivity. Solder jumpers allow the UART and SPI pins to connect to either the USB hub or the MCU. + JST GH connector with UART and 2x GPIO, controlled by the USB hub. + 2x Sparkfun Qwiic connectors enable easy attachment of I2C sensors to the USB hub or to the internal MCU. + 5x RGB status LEDs to visualize port power draw + 5x RGB status LEDs to visualize port connection types

概述:4G LTE和Wi-Fi连接的Linux开发板具有GNSS全球定位

Features & Specifications + Based on the Omega2S+ IoT computer module + Processor: 580 MHz MIPS CPU + Memory: 128 MB RAM + Storage: 32 MB + Expandable up to 2 TB with MicroSD card + Connectivity: 2.4 GHz b/g/n Wi-Fi + Operating System: OpenWrt 18.06 Linux, kernel 4.14 + Antenna: + Wi-Fi: On-board 2 dBi direction chip antenna & U.FL connector for external antenna + 4G LTE: U.FL connectors for main and diversity antennas + GNSS: U.FL connector for GNSS antenna + SIM Support: Nano-SIM slot for cellular data + Battery Support: LiPo battery management and JST-PH battery connector + Dimensions: 80 x 50 mm


Features & Specifications + Architecture: Dual loop Fractional-N PLL + Frequency Range: 12.5 MHz to 6.4 GHz + Amplitude Range: -50 to +15 dBm + Phase Noise: -115 dBc/Hz @ 1 GHz output and 10 kHz offset + Frequency Switching Time: 1 ms (typical) + Reference: Ultra-low noise 50 MHz VCXO locked to a ±500 ppb TCXO + MCU: ATMEGA32U4 (same as in the Arduino Micro) + Interfaces: + Touch Display Module (3.2” Nextion NX4024T032) + Micro-USB for power input and serial access + REF In (SMA) for external reference input + REF Out (SMA) for 10 MHz reference output + RF Out (SMA) + Expansion connector: External trigger input, external modulation input, microphone input, GPIO (I2C), and SPI + Modulation: AM, FM, Pulse (Internal and external) + Size: 57 mm x 118 mm x 23 mm + Weight: <120 g (including the LCD screen) + Power Input: 5 V + Power Consumption: <2 W + Enclosure: Injection molded plastic case + Open Source: Schematics, embedded Arduino code, LCD screen source code, and RS-232 command set


Features: + Operating voltage: 5 V via Arduino (USB or 7-12 VDC jack) + Dimensions: 68.6 x 53.4 mm + Weight: 19 g + Same form factor as Arduino Compatible with Arduino UNO + Three Buttons + RTC - Real Time Clock + Extremely accurate RTC on board + Temperature sensor inside + Easy to use with the Arduino “DS3232RTC.h” library + RTC model - DS3231 + Piezo Buzzer + Can play tones and music + The buzzer is connected to the Arduino pwm pin “11” + Easy to use with the Arduino “pitches.h” tone library + Piezo model - KLJ-1230 + RGB Colors + 17 LEDs + You can program any color you want + Only one Arduino pin “A3” is required to control all the LEDs + Easy to use with the Arduino “FastLED.h” library + Each LED is individually addressable + LED model - WS2812B + Battery Backup + Battery socket on board for CR1216 / CR1220 + RTC switches to the battery supply and maintains accurate timekeeping when main power is interrupted or absent + Battery is not included

概述:Raspberry Pi的开源机器人和自动化控制器。

Features & Specifications + Processor: 120 MHz SAM D51G19A* + Memory: 32 KB SRAM + Storage: 256 KB internal programmable flash + additional 8 MB SPI flash + Multi-product Compatibility + Jetson Nano + Raspberry Pi: all models with 40 pin header + Model B+, 2B, 2B+, 3B and 3B+ + Model A+ and 3A+ + Zero and Zero W + Raspberry Pi Interfacing + Two (2) GPIO directly to Raspberry Pi (SW programming) + Two (2) GPIO directly to Raspberry Pi (UART-serial console) + I?C or SPI to Raspberry Pi + EEPROM recognition + Programmable I/O: All are re-programmable to match a supported special function + Eight (8) x 16-bit servo output (programmable up to 24-bit) + Four (4) x 16-bit RC controller input + Two (2) x Serial console pass through + One (1) x NeoPixel output + Nine (9) x GPIO pins through SPI / GPS ports + Sensor Interfacing: Also re-programmable as general IO pins + Dronecode Compatible Connectors + SPI + GPS + USART + I?C + Triple-redundant Power Supply Support + Feedback through servo power rail (e.g., from ESC) + 5 V from on-board regulator powered through main battery + 5 V from on-board regulator power through backup LiPo battery + charger via USB + Built-in Protection + USB Port is protected from voltage spikes + All power rails are protected by reverse voltage protection circuits. + 5 V regulator is able to power Raspberry Pi + Sensors + INA219 current sensor + MPU9250 9DoF high-precision IMU + Add-on boards through I?C and SPI (such as pressure sensor, secondary IMU, etc) + Physical Dimensions + Standard HAT format + Length: 65 mm + Depth: 56.5 mm + Height: 30 mm


Features & Specifications + Based on Arduino Nano (ATMega328P), so works by default with most Arduino libraries + Ready to go right out of the box, no need to purchase additional power supplies/cables/pumps/tubes/valves. + Pneumatics - full channel control, i.e. high pressure through atmospheric pressure to vacuum output in the same tube. + Max pressure: 0.5 atmosphere (7.5 PSI / 50 kPa) + Min Pressure: -0.5 atmosphere (-7.5 PSI / -50 kPa) + Flow rate: 2 liters per minute (per motor) + Power - 12 V, 1.2 A from a barrel jack + Grove I?C connector to easily add sensors (not pictured, but added in v0.6) + Expandable for adding valves/sensors + Open source all the way! + Open source hardware certification #US000159. + GitHub + Built for learning + Guides and tutorials available. With more forthcoming. + The color-coded buttons on the board are meant for easy identification when following tutorials

概述:紧凑,开放,智能的PCB回流焊机。 烘焙你的梦想●!

Specifications + Portable size: + 138 mm x 51 mm x 138 mm + 900 g + Efficient power requirements: 200 W max + Heat control: + 100-300°C temp control + K-type thermometer + Cooling fan + Optional accessories: + Phone holder (available in Deluxe Kit) + 3D-printed mount + Allows a phone to use its camera in order to magnify the reflow area + Mini vice (available in Deluxe Kit) + Aluminum + Screw clamp + Semi-automated XY table option (availble for separate purchase) + 3D-printed table + Allows mouse control of the X and Y axes


Features & Specifications: + IC: MicroChip ATM90E32 + Connectivity + SPI Interface to connect to any Arduino compatible MCU + Two IRQ interrupts, and one Warning output + Energy pulse output (pulses correspond to four LEDs) + Zero crossing output + Real Time Data Sampling + Two current channels + One voltage channel (expandable to two voltage) + Measurement Error: 1% when calibrated + Dynamic Range: 6000:1 + Gain Selection: Up to 4x + Voltage Reference Drift Typical (ppm/°C): 6 + ADC Resolution (bits): 16 + Calculates + Active Power + Reactive Power + Apparent Power + Power Factor + Frequency + Temperature + Other Features + Can use more than one at a time to measure as many circuits as you want, including solar power generation + Uses standard current transformer clamps to sample current + Includes built-in 500mA 3v3 buck converter to power MCU board + Compact size at only 40 mm x50 mm

概述:极简主义的Wi-Fi Nixie时钟

Features & Specifications + Beautiful Nixie Tubes + Four easily replaceable IN-12B socketed Nixie tubes + On-board Microchip HV5812WG-G vacuum fluorescent display driver + Two Seamless Housing Options + Walnut wood + Anodized aluminum + Wirelessly Synchronized + Configuration and time sync via wireless hotspot + On-board ESP8266 for Wi-Fi access + Tap to Interact + No buttons + Gentle tap on housing toggles display modes + Powered via USB + Micro USB connector + Normal USB port or phone charger + Hackable + Open source hardware and firmware + Displays information read via UART


Key Features + Single chip integrated LoRaWAN? solution + Works with Mbed IDE (select NUCLEO_L073RZ target) or any STM32 / Arm Cortex compatible IDE + STM32L073 microcontroller with 192 kB of program space + Breadboard friendly + Open source hardware and example code

概述:Artix-7 FPGA在您的笔记本电脑中有自己的DDR3 RAM - 用于开发PCIe等。

NiteFury Features + Giant FPGA: NiteFury features the largest Artix-series part that Xilinx makes. It has six times the processing power of PicoEVB. It uses the Xilinx A200T FPGA at just under 1000 GMAC/s. + On-board RAM: The faster you process with an Artix-7, the more you may need to store. The on-board DDR3, 512MB (256 Mb x 16) RAM keeps data within arms reach and takes the burden off your computer. + Popular Form Factor: NiteFury fits in the M.2 M key slot, which is popular in laptops today. This slot features 4x PCIe for high bandwidth (2 GB/s). Why keep your FPGA on your desk when you can take it with you? + Affordable: Buying the Xilinx Artix-7 XC7A200T FPGA alone would generally cost around $250. By teaming up with another company, NiteFury gives you all that power with little additional cost (especially during the campaign). + Open Source: Because company is good to have, NiteFury is open source hardware. The board repository is at + Expandable: With twelve external I/O in total, four of which are selectable as either analog or digital, you aren’t just confined to interfacing via computer. The connectors used in the design are easy to find Pico-EZmates and a DF52

概述:基于Raspberry Pi的开源立体相机

Features & Specifications + Raspberry Pi Compatibility: + Raspberry Pi Compute Module 1 + Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 + Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 Lite + Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3+ 8 GB / 16 GB / 32 GB eMMC flash + Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3+ Lite + Dimensions: + width x length: 90 mm x 40 mm + height: 23 mm (standard edition) / 15 mm (slim edition) + Video: + input: two 15-pin CSI-2 camera connectors + output: HDMI + Camera Support: + Raspberry Pi camera V1 (OV5647 sensor) + Raspberry Pi camera V2 (Sony IMX 219 sensor) + HDMI video capture module (single mode, on Toshiba TC358743XBG chip) + Connectivity: + GPIO: 40-pin classic + Raspberry Pi header + USB: 2 x USB Type-A, 1 x USB pin header + Ethernet: RJ45 jack + Storage: + microSD card slot (accessed by Raspberry Pi CM3/3+ Lite) + Power: + 5 VDC input via two-pin header + manual power switch + Software: + firmware update via Micro USB connector + runs standard Raspbian + excellent Python support + tons of example code


Features & Specifications + Easily converts light transmissions into digital signals + Gain and threshold adjustment via potentiometers for fine-tuning of a particular target + Supports both visible and near IR light emissions + On-board switch to select normal or inverted polarity data streams + USB interface for direct connection to host computer


Features & Specifications The Twoolhead was designed to mimic the printing performance of stock LulzBot? printers, making it easier and faster than ever to go from prototype to production. The Twoolhead replaces the stock printhead of the TAZ printer and installs in less than ten minutes. Firmware and print profiles are available so you can start printing right away. + Two actively cooled AO-hexagon hotends capable of reaching 300° C + Print with nearly any material on the market + Latest generation Wade’s-style extruders for reliable high speed printing + Fully compatible with the TAZ 6’s automatic bed leveling + Parts cooling fans for high detail printing + Large dual build volume: 135 mm x 280 mm x 250 mm (2x) + Massive output with high detail: capable of 80 grams/hour with 0.5 mm minimum feature size + This product is only compatible with LulzBot? TAZ 5 and 6 3D printers.

概述:具有HRV监测的ECG贴片,其开源,价格合理且连接有Wi-Fi /蓝牙。
概述:适用于Raspberry Pi,Arduino,BeagleBone或定制PCB项目的坚固(IP67),可扩展的Crowd Supply蓝绿色外壳。

Features & Specifications + Exterior Dimensions + Deep cover w/ plate back: 87.6 x 136.5 x 57.5 mm (3.45” x 5.38” x 2.26”) + Shallow cover w/ plate back: 87.6 x 136.5 x 40.7 mm (3.45” x 5.38” x 1.76”) + Color: ~Pantone 3262 U (Crowd Supply teal) + Weight: ~210 g (~0.46 lbs) + Resistance Rating: IP67 + Temperature Tolerance: ‐40° C to 55° C (-40° F to 131° F) + Humidity Tolerance: 0% to 100% + Waterproof: Tested in 1 m (40”) of water for 30 minutes + UV Resistant: Yes + RoHS Compliant: Yes

概述:Neosegment Digit是七段显示器的现代版。
概述:Blueshift正在制造便携式无线扬声器,可在五分钟内充电,播放六小时,声音很棒。 开源,并在俄勒冈州波特兰建成。
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